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Nationwide Blue Ribbon Claim Services

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Did you know that with Nationwide’s Blue Ribbon Claim Services, all of your repairs are guaranteed in writing for as long as you own the car? Our certified Blue Ribbon repair shops offer you quick, professional, hassle-free service. Stop by, or call us today to find out more.

Car insurance myths debunked

MSNBC and the Insurance Information Institute recently teamed up to address a number of the most common auto insurance myths.

The following points are all among the topics discussed:

  • Does the color of your car determine how much your auto insurance costs? (Nope, not in the least)
  • Do members of the armed services pay more for insurance than civilians? (No, they may actually qualify for a military discount)
  • Does it cost more to insure your car as you get older? (No, not necessarily.)

Read the entire article on MSNBC.com for more info ~ Five biggest myths about auto insurance.